Thursday, March 6, 2008

Article in Time Magazine

I was surprised that this article was in Time, because it frankly discusses the realities that "The Wire" confronts so unapologetically. Great article, and it's cool that it wasn't an interview, but rather the article was written by the creators of "The Wire."

Check it out here.


Tripp said...

Jesus that's intense. Awesome though.

Did you notice he mentioned three characters, two of which are dead? And the third being one I have fully predicted will die? Oh Bubbles.

Katie said...

I noticed that too. I am worried about Bubbles as well. I was beyond happy last episode when he finally spoke about Sherrod. He didn't say much, and he didn't explain it at all, but we all knew. It was a HUGE step for someone who a year ago couldn't even say the boy's name. That scene, paired with the one in which his sister offered him dinner, made me wonder if something big was coming for Bubbles. He so seems on the right track...I think that Simon wants us to see how hard it is to stay clean, and I think he's going to show Bubbles dying or at least falling off the wagon. In "The Corner," he really emphasizes that it's not the getting clean that's hard, it's the staying clean. It doesn't seem very Simon-esque to have a character like Bubbles who survives and does well.

I also have a theory that I've held for a long time. Simon has said many times that there really was a Bubbles, and that he wrote Bubbles' obit because his family didn't want anything to do with him. I'm wondering if Andre Royo's Bubbles is going to die and Fletcher will be the one to write his obit. The monkey wrench in this theory is that the real Bubbles died of AIDS, and the show's Bubbles has been shown to be HIV-negative (much to his own disbelief).