Thursday, February 28, 2008


As the fifth season comes to its inexorable end (with episode nine by FAR being the most intense yet), you start to explore every possible scenario that could wrap up the series. Guessing may seem silly on a show that's known for its unpredictability, but it sure is fun.

So I have an interesting theory to propose. Subscribers to HBO OnDemand were able to view three prequels: one of a young Omar robbing a man waiting for the bus in 1985 Baltimore; one of a young Prop Joe making business deals at his school in 1962 Baltimore; and one of Bunk and McNulty meeting for the first time in 2000 Baltimore.

It is most certainly not a coincidence that the main characters of the first two prequels have perished so far this season. So what could this last one mean? I have a few ideas (death of a partnership, McNulty's career, etc.) But, I would like to hear what everyone else thinks. Could they actually kill off McNulty or Bunk?


Katie said...

Tripp and I were thinking that exact same thing. Tripp also mentioned that on one of the Wire soundtracks, a writer unrelated to The Wire mentioned the cop funeral (in the bar with the Irish music) from season 1, I think it was. The writer said that we see that same scene twice more in the series. Well, we've only seen it once more. That means that there is one more cop dying. I have a feeling it's Bunk, because I think we need to see McNulty get what's coming to him after taking his scheme so far. Tripp thinks it's Sydnor, but I'll let him explain why.

Jess Blumberg said...

very interesting point! oh god, how sad i would be if it were Bunk, or anyone for that matter.

Tripp said...

Well my friend Jason is 100% McNulty is going to kill himself. I, actually, have thought that was a possibility for years, but while I thought he would do it accidentally, like in a drunk driving accident, Jason says straight-up gun-to-the-head suicide. That would be insane.

It would also be crazy if they had the detective wake and Beadie was wrong, if the whole goddammed force came out...except Kima, and Bunk, Beadie. Maybe not Freamon or Sydnor either...maybe they'd be in jail. Jesus that would be horrible. I can't believe I wrote that. Just the potential for that happening has made me extremely depressed. I gotta go.