Wednesday, February 20, 2008

They gonna beat on your white ass like it was a rented mule

First of all, this might be sabotaging ourselves, but I thought it'd be nice to see another blog with our goals that, incidentally, is (no offense to the other posters) way, way better than us (not to mention much older).

Apparently, in the new or upcoming issue of Vibe, and on a post at the aforementioned blog kicking this one's ass, there's a list of their top 10 favorite Wire moments. I say we do something similar. As the other blog says, there are plenty of obvious ones (Stringer's death, D'Angelo's chess game, all the montages, etc. etc.) so perhaps we might avoid those. I say we each post a few, maybe even ten, then we try to decide which are OUR definitive ten.

I have a few ideas that I'll post shortly.

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